We are closed for Chinese New Year holiday from 23 Jan to 27 Jan. We will be back in business from Monday 30 Jan onwards. GONG XI FA CAI!

Welcome to Fit Mum Kitchen! We are pleased to have you join our fit & healthy journey.

What Makes Us Different?


Who likes to live off boiled chicken breast and broccoli forever? Chef Mei Mei is a foodie and is obsessed with flavour. With a wide array of cuisine --Western and Asian-- our meals are delectable, you won't believe it's "clean".


Our meals are made using the highest quality ingredients and seasonings such as Himalayan Pink Salt and zero-calorie sugar alternatives.

All Goodies, No Nasties

We are free from MSG, processed foods, trans fat, additives, GMO, refined sugar and simple carbs.


Our weekly meal plans are well balanced, including lunch and dinner, as well as daily fruits and weekly sweet treats. They are designed for people on weight management and those leading a healthy lifestyle.


Chef Mei Mei curates, prepares and cooks the meals daily for herself and her family. She maintains the same level of standard for her FMK customers.


We know that your time is precious! Let FMK look after you so you can focus on other priorities in life. The foods are delivered daily to your doorstep. No prepping or cleaning needed.

Who's the Fit Mum?

Introducing the Fit Mum herself... Mei Mei. Originally from Esan, Northeastern Thailand, she has now been living in Singapore for the past decade. She loves food. After giving birth to two lovely girls, she embarked on a steep weight loss journey.

With a few experiments, she discovered that she can enjoy food and still shed kilos. The secret? A combination of clean eating and a balanced, active lifestyle.


Who need us?

People just like Mei Mei who love to eat a variety of cuisines, and those who are on a weight management program. Be it for weight loss or weight gain, Fit Mum Kitchen is the solution to those who wish to make better use of their time. We understand that your time is precious!

What Our Foodies Say

Weight loss meals that actually taste amazing! They're packed with protein, fibre, and healthy carbs which keep me feeling energized and full throughout the day. Also, with a good mix of Asian and Western foods... never a boring day ❤️
Manager, 29
Truly enjoyed the meals that was catered. Everything tastes light yet super tasty. Would definitely recommend for people who want to eat healthy and prefer a wide range of flavours.
Nurse, 32
The meals are very delicious, yet light and easy on my sensitive tummy. FMK was able to accommodate my special requests too. Ingredients used are top-notch and the menu range is extensive, covering local, Asian as well as Western.
Civil Servant, 46
Never expected clean eating can be so tasty and keeping it at 350 calories with high protein and fibre, healthy carbs, and good fats. No more water-boiled bland food. I'm impressed with the variety in the weekly menu.. Thai, Chinese, Indian, Western. Enjoying it every day ❤️
Jasmine Lin
Executive, 34
FMK menu complements the objective of weight management, with delicious local and western flavours. Well thought out menu with protein, fats and carbs which I enjoyed. Good job to the team!
Banker, 48
Totally appreciate that FMK can cater for specific requirements (I’m super sensitive!) Also impressed FMK is able to cater for my request so promptly. The balanced meals make me feel less bloated. Delivery has been prompt and very accommodative.
Busy Executive, 40
Loving the meals and the variety of menu. I enjoy savouring the different cuisines on the daily basis, not worrying about things like "what's for lunch"... and I can focus on other more important things in life. Thanks, FMK!
Senior Payroll Analyst, 33
When I first tried FMK it was an interesting experience. It tastes healthy but at the same time.. not bland. Initially it thought it wouldn't suffice. But soon after, I felt full. My taste buds and stomach seem to be confused - in a good way!
HR Professional, 26
Healthy & tasty food, good mix of asian and western recipes. And need to mention separately great service, very helpful!
Julia Gus
Singapore expat
Healthy food, yet still delicious and best part is... customizable
Derrick Wong
Happy customer
Delicious meals that are conservative on calories but big on flavour and generous in serving size. Out of all the delivery meal plans we've tried, this one has been hands down the best - in general we prefer Asian cooking and FMK does this really really well. If you're looking for a yummy meal delivery service that feels homecooked with lots of heart, FMK's your best bet.
Su Mae
Happy customer
The food really delicious. I am surprised healthy food can be so tasty. I really enjoy every meal they delivered. It’s full of nutrition and they really generous on the portion. My tummy get flatten and my friend notice I lose weight too. I am so glad I can lose weight without need to feeling hungry. I can feel the person who cook the dishes cook with love!
Happy customer
Trying to eat healthy has never been easy. My perception of healthy food is bland and expensive! But Fit Mum Kitchen turns the table round for me! Tried both their asian and western cuisine…yummilicious is all I can say! If you’re planning to go on a healthy diet, try Fit Mum’s Kitchen! Pssstt…did I mention their meals are rather pocket-friendly too!! ♥️
Eve Lyna
Happy customer